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Specialise in the GRP linings of Chemical & Water tanks - Storage tanks - Vessels & Pipelines - Bund Lining & Repair - Milking Parlours - Dairies - Abattoirs - Boarding Kennels - Swimming Pools - Wet Rooms , and all  Industrial and agricultural facilities using superior quality GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) materials


GRP Lining Systems

grp linings fibreglass linings grp lining fibreglass lining

Our Highly skilled team have years of experience in this specialised field which is essential when insuring the work we do is carried out to the highest standard possible  since customer satisfaction is paramount strictly monitored quality controlled procedures allow us to maintain the highest level of service this enables us to provide you with the confidence that dimensionally structurally and aesthetically it is perfect in everyway

GRP Wall Linings  -  GRP Lining System

Widely used throughtout the industry when compared to coatings such as epoxies and urethanes GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is an excellent lining system superior in terms of cost effectiveness and durability, flexibility and usage

The GRP lining system is strong impact and chemical resistant providing a seamless ceramic like finish. While implementing the correct resins for the application the GRP lining system is the long term cost effective answer for a wide range of industrial contaminate procedures

grp linings fibreglass linings grp lining fibreglass lining

Modern industrial processes need to handle oil, chemicals and a variety of liquids safely, while today's Health & Safety standards place strict requirements on work environments . GRP lining will give you complete peace of mind. With its impact and chemical resistance, hygienic qualities and many years of useful life, it offers total protection for your surfaces.

Should you have an enquiry regarding GRP ( Glass Reinforced Plastic ) composite and its suitability for your project or product please dont hesitate to contact us on  07723 012 547  to discuss your requirements further.



GRP Bund Lining  -  GRP Lining Composite

grp linings fibreglass linings grp lining fibreglass lining
grp linings fibreglass linings grp lining fibreglass lining

Glass Reinforced Plastic is a versatile construction material used in a huge variety of applications from boat building to building materials GRP is thermosetting and is either isophthalic, polyester or vinylester. It has a better strength to weight ratio than steel and  once applied is a natual insulating material

GRP Wall Lining  -  GRP Fibreglass Lining

grp linings fibreglass linings grp lining fibreglass lining
grp linings fibreglass linings grp lining fibreglass lining

GRP linings to all types of Storage Tanks & Vessels

Repairs to Storage Tanks and Pipelines using the lastest GRP technologies

Concrete Bund Lining and repair service


GRP Lining of Milking Parlours Abattoirs & Dairies

GRP Linings of Boarding Kennels

Fibreglass Lining of Swimming pools & Wet rooms

Fibreglass Lining of Water and Chemical Tanks  and all industrial agricultural facilities