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Fibreglass bund lining, also known as GRP lining, can mean the difference between a cost-effective bund repair and an expensive bund replacement.We'll grit blast your bund and make any necessary repairs, upgrades or extensions. Next, we'll line your bund to create a long-lasting alternative to a complete bund rebuild. Refurbish your tank and save up to 80% on replacement costs. Existing tanks deteriorate, with exposure to chemicals, cycling and different temperatures, your tanks need to be protected to help you avoid problems. If your tanks are already showing signs of wear, you don't have to replace them.

Does Your Bund Need Lining


Avoid Expensive Bund Rebuilds

Your bunds are exposed to tough conditions – but continued exposure to oils, chemicals and other liquids can make them crack, corrode, leak or become contaminated. Bunds that aren't leak-free or safe can lead to expensive site damage, and if they breach Environment Agency pollution guidelines you could be fined significantly.


Economical, durable fibreglass bund linings. Don't let this happen. Solve the problem for the long term and line your bunds with a fibreglass bund lining. Fibreglass is long lasting and copes well with normal structural movement – and because it's impact resistant and easy to clean it'll remain maintenance free



Total refurbishment using our fibreglass tank lining systems  Fibreglass repairs of corroded or damaged tanks can be carried out to give long-term service, for a fraction of the price of a replacement tank In most industries walls are under constant attack from industrial processes including impact and abrasion.  We can offer various wall linings to suit your environment. These include fire retardant, colour coordinated and solvent-free systems for food preparation and associated areas.Seamless, easy to clean ceramic-like finish,Will confine highly aggressive chemicals, Tough, resilient but still flexible, Applied on site with minimum disruption,Unlike coatings such as epoxy, will cover cracks and holes without prior filling, and a complete range of RAL and BS colours.Once a storage tank or bund becomes damaged or corroded the risk to production, plant and machinery, work force and environment can be immense. Replacement of the tank can be extremely expensive and the downtime can create extreme shortfalls in production.

GRP Wall & Floor Lining

Water Chemical & Storage Tanks




Durable tank linings for any condition. A GRP lining is economical and hard-wearing – and can be customised using a variety of resins and additives to withstand almost any conditions and contents.

Whether you need to repair or line water tanks, chemical storage tanks, effluent tanks or even liquor tanks, we'll individually create the right fibreglass tank lining for your needs.

Industrial - Wall & Floor Lining




We're experts at surface preparation. Whatever your surface problem or structure of the base material, we can prepare it for the repairs you need. Act now to avoid the cost of a new tank If you act fast, you can avoid replacing your tank. Thanks to our range of products – including epoxy compounds, polyester pastes and glass reinforced resins – we can fix potential problems instantly.




Regulation compliant industrial wall & floor lining. A Fibreglass wall & floor lining resists bacterial growth and is fully compliant with food hygiene regulations. Surface restorations  are seamless, one-piece and perfectly adhered to almost any surface. They will follow the contours of walls and drainage panels and cap and cove technology allows us to ensure a room can be made water-tight. Our floor and wall linings can also be solvent-free but both are easy to clean – making them ideal for a wide variety of facilities.

GRP Wall & Floor Lining



Economical, durable GRP linings for all industries We can provide safe, non-slip and chemical-resistant floor lining for any industry – including hospitals, breweries, schools, dairies, hotels, the pharmaceutical and food production industries and many others.



Do your walls and floors need repairs Your walls and floors are exposed to tough conditions – and continued exposure can cause brick, tiles and mortar to fail, allowing chemicals to seep into the concrete and earth below.This can lead to regulatory violations, fines and most of all – expensive repairs and replacement flooring. But a fibreglass lining can prevent this happening.


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